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Name:Mr. Ramchandra Nar [Marketing]
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Y!: rgnar30@yahoo.in Y!: rgnar30@yahoo.in
Windows Live: rgnar30@hotmail.com rgnar30@hotmail.com
Google Talk:  rgnar30@gmail.com  rgnar30@gmail.com
Mobile Number:91-22-9819865301
Phone Number:91-22-66602229
Fax Number:91-22-24938826
Address:Dr. A. B. Road,Worli, Mumbai
Mumbai 400018, Maharashtra
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Registration Date:Sep. 02, 2009
Last Updated:Sep. 03, 2009
Business Nature:Trade of Industrial Supplies category

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Dear Sir,

Greetings to you .

We introduce ourselves M/ s Uniphos Agro Industries ltd a group company of United Phosphorous Ltd having the group turnover USD 1 Billion . We have an office in the 18 Countries.

We are the Merchandised Exporter and we are participating in the various International tenders and the non tenders business in the world wide. We have enough experience in the International Market and we have the good reputation as well.

For your information we are a group company of M/ s United Phosphorous Ltd having a group turnover of USD 1 Billion and having production sites & various subsidiaries pertaining to Agro Chemicals, Seeds etc. 18 subsidiaries and 3 manufacturing sites namely in UK , France & Denmark .

With the goodwill of UPL and effective distribution networking & presence in about more than 100 countries in the world , Uniphos Agro Industries Ltd have taken up International Trading in Chemicals , Engineering Goods , Agro Produce & Organic Trading .

As a diversified group we provide high quality manufactured products and high quality services to international standards in global markets at reasonable prices. This unbeatable combination of quality products offered at reasonable price makes for excellent market acceptability of our products .

We are particularly interested in prospective customers from unrepresented markets in order to meet the latent demand for our products in such markets. If you feel you are such a potential customer, we would like to hear from you with the relevant details about your existing business and your business proposal.

If you feel that we succeeded in convincing of our credentials and capabilities please give us the feedback on this to how to start the business with you at the earliest and if you have an requirement please send us on : narrg@ uniphos.com / rgnar30@ yahoo.in

Your earliest reply will be highly appreciated .

Best Regards,

Ramchandra G. Nar
Executive -Export ( Engineering Division)

M/ s Uniphos Agro Industries Ltd

Readymoney Terrace,
Dr. A. B. Road,
Worli, Mumbai -400018
Tel No : 91-22-66602229
Fax No : 91-22-66606689
Mobile : 91-22-9819865301
E- Mail : narrg@ uniphos.com
MSN : rgnar30@ hotmail.com / rgnar30@ yahoo.in
Web : www.uniphosagroindustries.com

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